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 MIlitary Developments on Chiron

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PostSubject: MIlitary Developments on Chiron   Tue Jul 03, 2012 12:15 am

Sparta Command, Spartan Federation, M.Y. 2285

~The Hawk's Cry is the official NewsLink of the Spartan Military. Get the latest updates on the military and new armaments, and protect your right to bear arms!~

In the last few days a number of military developments have been made on Chiron, many hastened by the recent skirmish with the newly discovered alien Hive. Though peace has been made, peace is not within the hearts of the people. The three military developments are the following: 1) the new development of Quantum Lasers by the University, 2) the inception of the new Gaian Psi Corps, and 3) construction beginning on the new Odysseus-class Flagship, and the upcoming reclassification of the Unity-class flagship.

Quantum Lasers

Quantum Lasers are the newest weapons to be developed by University defense labs. University researchers have finally managed to use Quantum Chambers to power lasers, as before this they were only powered by Fusion Reactors. It represents an approximately 140% increase in power from Fusion Lasers, and units using them will surely be prototyped soon. In addition, they will likely be used for future capital ships and old ones refitted to hold them.

Gaian Psi Corps

Though the Gaians have always been at the forefront of psi combat on Chiron, they still only have ever utilized the native life to this purpose, though their Dream-Twister device is operated by humans. Now, however, they have managed to develop new techniques that allow them to have humans directly perform psi attacks, which would allow them to disable enemy troops mentally from a reasonable distance. It is also a significant technological equalizer, as the only thing relevant is strength of mind. However, their Psi units are difficult to train and they will serve primarily as a Gaian special forces.

Odysseus-class Flagship

The Odysseus-class Flagship will be the newest class of vessel on Chiron. Though it's construction was planned far in advance, it has recently received a large injection of energy and resources for construction from the Planetary Governate. It will be significantly more powerful than the Unity-class Flagship (soon to be reclassifed as the Unity-class Battlecruiser), as well as larger. Though it is nowhere close to the level on the most powerful Rhean capital ships, it is at least not completely dwarfed by them. Below is a picture of the vessel.

(OOC: If this seems sudden, it probably is, but I've been holding off on new military developments for a fairly long time. Also, I think I've developed the Centauri "personality" when it comes to diplomacy. They feel a bit disenfranchised by the old Great Powers of the galaxy, as they feel that the Great Powers see the Centauri as below them, so they try to build up in an effort to say, "hey, look, we're here now and there's nothing you can do about it".)
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MIlitary Developments on Chiron
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