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 Sith War Memorial Dedicated in UN Headquarters

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PostSubject: Sith War Memorial Dedicated in UN Headquarters   Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:09 am

UN Headquarters, the Peacekeeping Forces, M. Y. 2285

~Peacekeeper's Newslink is a free, nonprofit service brought to your Network Node by the Peacekeeping Forces to strengthen the cause of democracy and freedom on Chiron~

After a year of work, a Sith War memorial has been dedicated in UN Headquarters on the three year anniversary of the Sith War's end to honor those who fought to preserve Chiron's freedom. The memorial consists of a group of large steles made out of synthmetal and two synthmetal statues of the two Imperial Knights who died in the rescue of Brother Lal from Darth Morbus and the then-Darth Lanius, complete with plasma fascimiles of lightsabers. The statues guard the entrance to the memorial. Upon being touched by a visitor, the steles, using advanced mind-scanning technology, determine some of the numerous Centauri casualties of the Sith War of interest to the visitor (family, friends, acquaintances, lovers, whatever they may be) and describes their status and their final outcome. Foreign soldiers who died on Chiron are honored on an unchanging stele. Finally, the best part of the memorial is that it is available digitally in virtual form, complete with changing steles, and as a result can be seen from anywhere on Chiron. In fact, it is even accessable in the Human Hive, earning it the dubious distinction of the first Peacekeeper virtual installation accessable by Hivers.
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Sith War Memorial Dedicated in UN Headquarters
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