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 The Hive Society

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PostSubject: The Hive Society   Thu Apr 26, 2012 10:30 pm

The Hive

The Hive is a massive hierarchy of made up of the Ahlgrens. The Ahlgren is an ant-like animal that uses telepathy to communicate. The Hive orders itself into different castes which serve their duty without question. The Hive society leaves no room for disobediance, and the Ahlgrens do not know of disobediance. The Ahlgrens expand in search of land to grow food for there constantly growing population. In doing this they have expanded into 23 systems and fully colonized 56 worlds.

Caste System
The Hive is divided into three main castes: Workers, Military, and Royalty. Each of the three have distinct differences in appearance and intelligence that place them in their caste. All Ahlgrens of The Hive accept this system and know no other.

The Royalty caste is made up entirely of females. The female Ahlgrens or Princesses are far more intelligent than the military and workers. In fact, Princesses and Queens puppeteer the lower castes controlling them through the use of telepathy. One Princess can control thousands of workers or soldiers. The telepathy, however, does not work with other Princesses (and the same with Queens). The only Ahlgren that can communicate telepathically with Princesses and Queens is the Hive Queen. This is why all females after maturing from their larva stage are taught the clicking language that is spoken among them. Females live between 15-30 years.

Fertile Princesses are known as Queens. When a fertile Princesses are impregnated after being taught the click language. They swell up as the Larva of new Ahlgren build up inside them. After a couple weeks they begin to give birth to the larva. They will be kept pregnant their entire life giving birth to an average of a thousand Ahlgren per day.

On the top of the caste system hierarchy lies the Hive Queen. The Hive Queen is a special queen which has strong telepathic abilities. These abilities are so strong that she can feel the life forces of every Ahlgren in existance (so strong that if an alien, say human, were to be in her presence, she would be able to communicate with them telepathically). The Hive Queen ability is passed down genetically and only an average of one Hive Queen will be born from the hive Queen. Without a Hive Queen, an Ahlgren Hive (of which there used to be many) is doomed. Without her strong telepathy and ability to speak with females, disorder comes to a Hive. So was the fate of the other Hives that rivaled the Ahlgrens.

Roughly 10% of all Ahlgrens are born with a military body (the percentage varies within the sub-species). A military body is 3-4 times larger than that of a worker(with most of the abilities such as movement being 3-4 times better) and has large wings that allow it to fly at high speeds. Their brains are more capable than a worker, but far less than a female. Military brains have the capacity to learn tasks such as flying and driving. They do, however have to be largely controlled by a female.

Those born into the Military are sent to one of three Schools: Driving, Flying, Fighting. Not all Military Ahlgren actually go into the military, however. Since they have larger brains than workers and are able to learn flying and driving, they often work as transportation for workers and for soldiers.

About 80% of Ahlgren are born workers. Workers despite their high numbers and incapability to think for themselves, are the most crucial part of the entire Hive Hierarchy. Workers jobs vary widely from builders to farmers to royal servants. It is the fertile worker seed that populates the Queens and Hive itself.

Worker Ahlgren are incapable of thinking for themselves. They are able to perform basic tasks crucial to their own life such as breathing and working their heart, but everything else must be controlled by females. While being told what to do by the females, the workers are able to work with great coordination and speed.

Workers are divided into many different sects or Houses. The Houses of Workers are their category of work. These include, but are not limited to: Builder, Manufacturer, Farmer, Royal Servant, etc. Each House is represented by its own Council of Princesses who discuss how many workers they need versus how many the other Houses need. Upon transformation from larva into Ahlgren, A worker is assigned a House according to the need determined by the Councils. Once assigned a House a worker will never change Houses until he dies.

Work in Progress

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The Hive Society
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