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 A History of the Imperial Republic

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PostSubject: A History of the Imperial Republic   Tue Aug 03, 2010 6:25 pm

Beginning of Time

The Rutianas Calendar is set from the time in which their Empire began to form. No one truly knows their origins anymore, but the Empire gained it's start when a colony ship made an emergency landing on a planet that had not been charted. A distress signal was sent, but no one came to rescue the stranded colonists. That first year was known as 1 I.D., or In Distress. Any Rutian now will claim it means Imperial Dynasty. The colonists began to start building on the planet and soon named the planet Rutia. The Rutianas Empire would soon follow.

Military Coup

Rutianas has had a violent history which began when the military took control in 1034. The minority political party, the Prolin, were slaughtered as a demonstrative act by the military, who were against the party's beliefs. The Dävin were placed in charge as a puppet party.

Rise of the Darsons

In 1289, the Darsons, an influential military family, rose to power and claimed hold over Rutianas. The eldest, Aleric Darson, proclaimed himself as the first Emperor. The military did not question his claim, nor did they attempt to stop him. The people of Rutianas began to understand that the Darson family was the lesser of two evils.

The First Rebellion

In 1401, Empress Cristina Darson, proclaimed that there would be a rise in taxes to fund the harvest celebration. The tax rise was welcomed in order to have a successful celebration but after the festivities, the people expected the taxes to drop. Instead, they were raised again.

The people began to take offense to the tax increases and demanded a return to the taxes they were used to. Cristina Darson answered by raising taxes once more and increasing military activity around the palace. When the people realised that the Empress had no intention of returning to the old ways, the people rebelled openly.

The military were trained for open warfare, but the villagers used guerrilla tactics. The army was overcome and Cristina Darson was assassinated. Her son, Kendrick Darson, ascended to the throne.

After the change in leadership, a peace offer was made in the form of lowered taxes and a festival consisting of breads, cakes, wine, and beer. The villagers were not willing to accept at first, making demands that incorporated an adviser to the throne to make certain the people's voices would be heard. Kendrick Darson agreed and Jelain Miller was appointed to the position of the advisor.

The Second Rebellion

In 1668, the people once again rose up against an oppressive government that had become little more than a dictatorship. Emperor Liander Darson had done away with the people's adviser and began to raise taxes again to pay for a new palace to be built. The people took offense with this and began to fight once again. The military had been trained for guerrilla tactics this time and easily put down the villagers.

The inhabitants who did not fight were left alone by Liander Darson, however, those that did were put in shackles and chains and forced to work on the palace. When the palace was built, they were not released. Instead, they were branded like cattle and put to work in the fields.


The year 1901 saw the freedom of many Rutians who had toiled under slavery. The remnants of the second rebellion were finally shattered when the girl Empress Kissa Darson took the throne. She took pity on those who had been born into servitude and freed them. It wasn't a simple process, but one which took several years.

Kissa Darson had taken the throne in 1897 and she began to work immediately toward the freedom of the slaves. Unfortunately, it would be her last act as she would fall to the fever that was raging through Rutianas at the time.


Between 1948 and 2153, the Rutian Empire began to expand outward, conquering eight different systems that were close by. The majority of the systems fought against the Empire, but couldn't hold their own due to the difference of technology. In 2153, the expansionist move stopped suddenly and Rutianas became isolationist. Emperor Alekzander Darson was responsible for the move, passing a law that stopped Rutianas from attacking anyone without provocation. Because of this law, there was no way the military could keep taking over planetary systems. The military argued the point, but eventually accepted it and chose to allow the Darson Dynasty to stay in power.

The Third Rebellion

The exact date of the Third Rebellion cannot be easily pinpointed. Some Rutian historians believe it to be 2362, when Emperor Shein Darson ascended to the throne. Some believe it to be 2348 when he was born. Either way, it has become clear that Shein Darson is facing or instigating the Third Rebellion and historians cannot agree which.

OOC: I will be updating this and expanding on it eventually.
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A History of the Imperial Republic
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