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 embassies Terran Galactic Federation

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PostSubject: embassies Terran Galactic Federation   Sat Apr 07, 2012 3:50 pm

please fill out the form and put the location of which you would like your emabassy

National Information:
- Full Name of Nation:
- Government Type:
- Head of State:
- Head of Government:
- Minister of Foreign Affairs or Equivalent:

Ambassadorial Information:
- Ambassador's Name:
- Ambassador's Family (if any):
- Are there any health of security issues local authorities should be alerted of?

Locational Information:
Please place any special requests in the "Second Choice Location" field and justify them in the field directly below it. Please make only realistic requests and be prepared to pay any fees associated with the design, construction or maintenance of special requests.
- First Choice Location:
- Second Choice Location:
- If requesting an embassy in the hills or making a special request, why do you feel this is necessary?

Staff and Equipment Information:
Please remember, limousines, armed/military vehicles, machine guns, explosives, riot gear and armor-piercing weapons are prohibited. We ask that you limit employment based on the guidelines above.
- Diplomatic Staff:
- Security Staff:
- Service Staff:
- Will you be hiring locally?
- Number and Type of Weapons:
- Number and Type of Vehicles:

- Would you like us to establish an embassy in your nation?
- Do you have any special requests?
- Would you like to enter into trade/treaty talks?
- Is there any additional information we should know?
- Please declare any drugs, alcohol, animals or plants you are bringing into the country.

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embassies Terran Galactic Federation
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