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 Invention of the Probability Sheath

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PostSubject: Invention of the Probability Sheath   Thu Feb 23, 2012 4:02 pm

University Base, the University of Planet, M.Y. 2283

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A group of University students researching Probability Mechanics have recently stumbled into the invention of the Probability Sheath, a tool that manipulates probability into creating a shield. The Sheath is the most efficient shielding Chiron has ever seen and can deflect an astounding number of attacks but also consumes a large amount of power. It is expected that future capital ships of the Planetary Defense Force will be outfitted with these sheaths and personal shields will be created with them as well. The University is sharing the technology with the Planetary Governate as a sign of goodwill and to strengthen the fledgling spacefleet.
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Invention of the Probability Sheath
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