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 Burn's Economic Factbook

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PostSubject: Burn's Economic Factbook   Mon Aug 02, 2010 9:18 pm

BURNINATI0N has an extremely powerful economy. Our inflation is negative, GDP always growing, and we usually have a trade surplus.

BURNINATI0N's economy type: Capitalist.

BURNINATI0N is a big supporter of capitalism, though there are a few necessary government restrictions on industry so that business cannot take advantage of the populous. Also, we have a financial safety net should a depression hit. This is not used to prop up dead companies, but to make sure that people are not dying of starvation on the streets.

BURNINATI0N's government is very pro business. We will not hesitate to use protectionism should one of our industries be threatened by an exporting nation. Again, this is not used to prop up inefficient business, but we do not enjoy losing too many jobs.

The Mark is pinned to the value of state possessed gold. Thus, we do not need a reserve banking system, or to regulate our currency other then to make sure that the financial system is not undermining its value.

Other facts:
Currency: Mark
Powerful Industries: Book Publishing, Auto Manufacturing.

Up to date economic statistics can be found here: http://nseconomy.thirdgeek.com/nseconomy.php?region=The_Union_of_Sovereign_States&nation=burninati0n
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Burn's Economic Factbook
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