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 Burn's History Factbook

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PostSubject: Burn's History Factbook   Mon Aug 02, 2010 9:17 pm

--modeled on the Eldar story for WH40K--

Burnination was not always called Burnination. Nor was it always located on the rim of the galaxy and confined to only two worlds. Burnination is populated by a humanoid species nearly identical to humans. They are slightly more evolved than humans though. They are slightly more intelligent, slightly more athletic, have a tiny percentage faster reaction time than the average human, etc. There are only two major differences between humans and Burninites. 1, Burninites live to be an average of 732 Earth years old. 2, Burninites reproduce at a far slower rate than humans.

In the year 900 million BC, long before evolution began to produce mammals on Earth, the Burninite empire was at its height. Then, the Burninites inhabited every corner of the galaxy. Their cultural achievements and architectural monuments were akin to all seven of the wonders of the world put together. Then, Burninites lived to be over a thousand years old before old age overtook them. Then, Burninite technology was such that no Burninite ever had to do any kind of labor. They were completely free to pursue their every desire. It was said that even the stars lived and died at the will of the Burninites.

However, by 800 million years BC, the Burninite empire was crumbling at the edges. This was not from invasion, but from internal forces. Because of their superior minds, Burninites are more likely to be happy, to find beauty, to do good. However, they are also more susceptible to extremes. They are more likely to feel hate, anger, and depression. So by 800 million BC, when all Burninites did was pursue desires, numerous bloodthirsty cults arose. Sadistic killers lurked in the shadows, searching for their perverted pleasure. The Burninite empire was poised for the event known only as "The Fall."

The surviving Burninites today, the ones living in Burninations, are the descendants of those who saw the catastrophe coming. They made the journey out to the rim of the galaxy in an attempt to weather the coming storm. The journey was not easy, especially for a race unaccustomed to physical labor. The outcast Burninites lived hard lives to get to the PMT/FT (<--military only) technology they have achieved today. They can now live simple, happy lives.

Anyway, before I return to the story of The Fall, I must explain Burninite religion/technology. In Burninite religion the gods live(d) ("Our gods are dead." explains religious leader Uldred. Only one god fully survived The Fall.) in a complex series of tunnels in a parallel universe called The Warp. In the ancient Burninite empire, Burninites could navigate these tunnels for travel back into their own universe. That is unrelated, but it was there, in the parallel universe The Warp, that the end of the Burninite empire began to form.

As the Burninite people degenerated into perverted cults, their minds began to create a new god, The Destroyer, in their parallel universe. The year is uncertain, but around 775 million BC, The Destroyer was born. The Destroyer's birth initiated an imbalance in The Warp that immediately killed every single living Burninite from their cultural center. Waves of death killed every single Burninite that had not evacuated to the rim. In an instant, over 6 trillion Burninites dropped dead, leaving only the 1.555 billion that survive today in Burnination.

The nature of The Destroyer now prevents Burninites from traveling The Warp as they once had, so they no longer have interstellar travel. Most of their great culture was destroyed, leaving only their advanced weaponry.

(That is, after the RP "Trouble on the Rim" is completed.) Smile

Only 1 god survived the rise of The Destroyer. This is the Laughing God. He is said to have survived through knowledge of the catacombs of the Warp, evading The Destroyer. He is, for all intents and purposes, uncatchable in the Warp.

However, the God of War partially survived through sheer strength. There was an epic battle between The Destroyer and the God of War, which The Destroyer won. After all, it had just gained the strength of trillions of souls. Yet, after the battle, The Destroyer was not powerful enough to finish the God of War. As such, he lives on, but not in a contactable form. He lives as an invisible entity, unable to communicate with his worshippers. Burnination weaponry always has his signs hanging off, to encourage the God to help the soldiers in combat. It is said that in a time of great need, the God can give up his immortality and take over a mortal form to save Burnination.

Because the gods are dead, and only the gods of Chaos remain, should Burnination ever again reach a technological level in which they do not need to perform labor, that they get to follow their desires, their souls will be devoured by The Destroyer.
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Burn's History Factbook
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