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 Burn's Military Factbook

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PostSubject: Burn's Military Factbook   Mon Aug 02, 2010 9:15 pm

Total population: 3,443,000,000 (3 billion 443 million)
(As of last edit.)
Total military spending $26,330,415,568,206.75 Marks (~ 26.3 trillion.)
(as of last edit; this is increasing)
Total military size: 109 million 655 thousand (about 3.2% of the population)
Total combat ground troops: 88,660,500. Total combat starships: 775 plus craftworld plus 2500 jumpers.
3.2% represents the percentile of the population currently in active duty. However, the majority of the citizens of BURNINATI0N have at least basic military training, and there is a large percentage of the population that own personal firearms. Therefore, in the case of occupation, the populous would likely rise up against any intruder.


Other behind-the-lines personnel not included below: 8,750

The Spacefleet

The Craftworld
Count: 1
Personnel Count: 4,000,000
Armaments: Railguns, Radar Beams. (Beams of radar so powerful they affect matter. The result of these beams is that the Craftworld can create an impenetrable barrier around itself as long as it has power. The downside: it sucks a lot of power, it has an extremely limited range, and it can only be used offensively if an enemy ship is dumb enough to fly into the radar shield.)
Description: A unique vessel, the Craftworld is a sphere with a diameter of 1000 KM (which, if you were wondering, comes out to 3,141,592.65 cubic KM. About 2,500,000 cubic KM are livable; the rest being taken up by metal or machinery.) It is fashioned mostly from the material Burnination salvaged from the alien invasion of the USS Galaxy. Why have such a large, slow vessel? The military uses it to evacuate citizens, and as a flying base for the spacefleet. Capable of Trans-Warp, but it must drop its shields prior to entering the parallel universe for transport.

(Note that both Motherships and Starships are now outfitted with small, anti-fighter turrets.)

Count: 25
Personnel Count: 187,500 (7500 per individual vessel)
Armaments: Molecular Disruption Device (<--usually referred to as Dr. Device; see description), Proton Disruptor Lasers (<--heavy weapon which disturbs the atomic structure of whatever it hits), Shruiken Cannons (<--Fires thousands of monomolecular disks which can rip thousands of tiny holes in the hull of an enemy ship), Gamma Ray Torpedoes (<-- Fires a series of Shruikens at the enemy ship, with the intention to breach the hull, enter the ship, and release Gamma radiation.), and Hull Shielding (<-- drawing power from the Trans Warp Driver, the ship is capable of producing a pretty powerful shield)
Description: The newest addition to the spacefleet, enabled by the advent of the Trans Warp Driver. These function as heavier vessels, more capable of destroying large ships in opposing fleets that its predecessor, the Starship. These ships will remain behind lines, and under their shields, unless needed to ward off opposing large ships. They are large enough to be relatively unaffected by smaller fire, but are still rather maneuverable, unless they need to transfer too much power to the shields. These are about 6 KM by 1.5 KM (4 cubic KM). Capable of allowing Starships to dock. The weapon, the Dr. Device, breaks all molecules into their singular atomic forms. The effect chains to all nearby matter. This is capable of destroying an entire planet, or an entire spacefleet.

Count: 750.
Personnel count: 93,750 (125 per individual vessel)
Armaments: Proton Disruptor Lasers, Shruiken Cannons
Description: These are BURNINATI0N's first space vehicles since The Fall nearly 4 billion years ago. Following this catastrophic event, space technology was lost. However, recent technological advances and the help of the Rutain military have allowed BURNINATI0N to feasibly venture into the stars again. This has given rise to a small-sized class warship with extremely good agility in the skies, and a deadly punch, but little hull protection. These are slightly less than 100 meters long, and slightly less than 50 wide (less than 1 cubic KM).

Count: 2,500.
Personnel count: 7,500 (3 per individual vessel)
Armaments: Shruiken Cannons, Shruiken Missiles
Description: Burnination's first space fighter class, these small vehicles can dock on any other model of spaceship; 1 to a Starship, 50 to a Mothership, and the remaining can all be docked in an airbase or on the Craftworld. These bad boys are 5 meters by 20 meters, and are equipped not only with Shruiken Cannons, but with artificially intelligent Shruiken Missiles. These are capable of intelligently following what they're shot at. They are powerful enough to destroy small fighters, but are minimally effective on larger ships. Also note, Jumpers can operate up to 1000 feet underwater.

Ground Forces

Count: 43,000,000
Personnel count: 50,010,000 (this includes all non-combat labor needed for the Guard to be operational.)
Armaments: Shruiken Catapult, Sunblast Cannon, BURNINATI0N Classical Armor.
Description: These are the regular army units of BURNINATI0N, which make up nearly half the numbers of the entire army. They are also the most basically equipped and trained for a variety of situations. Their Shruiken Catapults work the same way that the Shruiken Cannons of the Starships, but on a much smaller scale. Each member of the Guard wears Classical Armor, made up of a soft, pliable substance which does not hinder movement, but hardens upon impact, protecting the wearer from much physical damage. Each squad of Guard (approximately 50 individual fighters) also are equipped with a Sunblast Cannon. This cannon fires a beam of nuclear fission energy which, if you get in its way, will fuse your atoms with whatever else is at hand. This tends to disable whomever or whatever it strikes. However, each cannon can only be fired about once every two minutes, or it would overheat and explode.

Striking Scorpions:
Count: 14,005,000
Personnel Count: 15,010,000
Armaments: Shruiken Catapults, Power Blades, Enhanced Classical Armor.
Description: More heavily armored and trained than the BURNINATI0N Guard soldier, the Striking Scorpion has the weapon of a Guardsman, but has thicker frontal armor. This is because Striking Scorpions are usually used to rush enemy lines. They also have power blades, which deliver high electrical charges through organic matter it impacts, as well as is hot enough to turn most metals white hot in a fraction of a second. Only a specially engineered glove and hilt allow this sword to be wielded with any measure of safety. Nevertheless, years of training is needed to master the art, as well as the highest standard of physical fitness.

Dire Avengers:
Count: 20,025,000
Personnel Count: 25,030,000
Armaments: Shruiken Catapults, Classical Armor, Simmershields
Description: Dire Avengers are essentially better trained BURNINATI0N Guardsmen with two exceptions. Dire Avengers carry powerful Simmershields. These are shields which encompass the platoon carrying it that allows the Avengers to fire out of it, but do not allow enemy fire to enter. The simmershields must be disabled before the Avengers can be engaged by enemies. The shields can be disabled only by an artillery blast, or an intense concentration of fire for a period of time. The second exception is that Dire Avengers are held to higher physical standards than the Guard, though not as high as the Striking Scorpions.

Swooping Hawks:
Count: 9,125,000
Personnel Count: 10,300,000
Armaments: Shruiken Catapults, Plague Grenades, Jump Packs, Classical Armor
Description: Swooping Hawks are armed with standard issue weapons and armor. However, they have received special training with a technology called Jump Packs. These allow a Swooping Hawk to alight into the air at any point. From there, they can fire upon enemy positions, move behind enemy lines, or just drop plague grenades on enemy entrenchments. Plague grenades are essentially some pretty bio-hazardous material with a small explosive in the center to scatter the material. Instantly deadly to exposed carbon-based life forms.

Count: 2,505,500
Personnel Count: 5,007,500
Armaments: Shruiken Long Rifle, Shruiken Pistol, Night Cloak
Description: These are the most highly trained units in the army. This is why there is such a small count of combat-ready units; the rest are still in training. Rangers have Night Cloaks, rendering them invisible to all technological forms of detection. Intense training allows them to nearly disappear in visual detection as well. This makes them excellent snipers, scouts, or assassins.

Note: Count is the total count of fighting units. Personnel count also counts behind-the-lines laborers. The Personnel Counts added together equal the total military count detailed at the top.

Note also: Due to the nature of the Shruiken weapons carried by BURNINATI0N soldiers, tanks have been rendered obsolete. This is the reason that our military does not have them, and the reason you shouldn't use your expensively armored tanks on us.

Also, as population increases, the military size may be updated.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~






Ground forces

Dire Avengers:

Swooping Hawks:


Burninite Guardsmen:

Striking Scorpions:
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PostSubject: Re: Burn's Military Factbook   Mon Aug 02, 2010 9:29 pm


Total population: 8,598,000,000 (8 billion 598 million)
(As of last edit.)
Total military spending $46,874,126,918,064.00 Marks (~ 46.8 trillion.)
(Over $729,400 per single personnel)
Total military size (including noncombat personnel): 64 million 263 thousand 500 (about 0.7474% of the population)
Total combat ground troops: 39,025,000. Total combat starships: 1575 plus 2 craftworlds plus 4500 jumpers.


Other behind-the-lines personnel not included below: 10,000

The Spacefleet

The Craftworld
Count: 2 (Military) (There are 3 civilian craftworlds with no military capabilities.)
Personnel Count: 7,000,000

Count: 75
Personnel Count: 562,500 (7500 per individual vessel)

Count: 1,500.
Personnel count: 187,500 (125 per individual vessel)

Count: 4,500.
Personnel count: 13500 (3 per individual vessel)

Ground Forces

Striking Scorpions:
Count: 7,000,000
Personnel Count: 10,000,000

Dire Avengers:
Count: 22,000,000
Personnel Count: 30,000,000
CHANGES: New armament: Disruptor Ion Cannons. The Dire Avengers are responsible for these ground installations, which are capable of destroying oncoming spacecraft. Can destroy anything from a small fighter craft to one of the giant Panzerian cruisers. These form the Burninite Space Defense Grid, which consists of 27 installations per planet (81 total) which form a grid capable of responding to threats from any direction.
New Armament: Sunblast Cannons. With the elimination of the Burnination Guard as a unit type, the Dire Avengers now operate Burninite artillery positions.

Swooping Hawks:
Count: 7,500,000
Personnel Count: 11,000,000

Count: 2,525,000
Personnel Count: 5,500,000

June 4, 2011 edit:
Specified the Burninite Defense Grid under Burninite Guards.
Updated population so that military percentage reflects population.
August 27, 2011 edit:
Removed Burninite Guards as a unit type.
Transferred responsibilities to Dire Avengers.
Updated numbers.
Sept 28, 2012 edit:
Updated numbers
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Burn's Military Factbook
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