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 Burn's Social Factbook

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PostSubject: Burn's Social Factbook   Mon Aug 02, 2010 9:11 pm

Social facts about Burnination:

Military service is not compulsory unless you are unable to find other work. Upon joining the military, it takes up your entire life. The military is life.

Burnination's technology is at odd stages. Space travel is advanced, while farming is that of Earth in 1800. Other industries are Earth circa 3000. Weapons technology is even more advanced.

The Emperor of Burnination stays out of most people's daily lives, and is usually a good person, but if his authority is undermined, the reaction will be swift and brutal.

99.98% Of people living in Burnination believe the State Religion involving The Warp. The others are atheist and are shunned from society.

All of the planets of Burnination and her colony speak the same language, known as Common. This is to ensure proper communication at all times.

The average life expectancy of a citizen is nearly 200 years.

In economics, the best description of the market system is capitalist, or free market. The government regulates, but does not otherwise interfere or own anything.

Due to Burnination's relationship to the Destroyer, all Burninites carry Soulstones, devices which protect them from being destroyed by the Destroyer.

Technologies in Burnination:

1) Universal Translation Device - A device which can translate from almost any language to almost any language by comparing brain patterns to known patterns when a person is thinking of certain words.
2) Battlekits - Medical devices meant for military use which can seal off bleeding in small to medium wounds.

And here we have Burnination's main planet, the Motherland. Courtesy of Rutianas. (You rule!)

Work in progress Smile
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Burn's Social Factbook
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