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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sat May 28, 2011 8:53 am

Posting Rules
1. Use proper English. This is an English language forum. Use proper English, i.e. proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. There will be leniency for those who don't speak English as a first language but at least make the effort. That said, this is really for RPs and RP related posts only. Nobody will really care if you don't use perfect grammar and spelling in SpamNation.
2. Do not flame. No flaming outside of SpamNation. Even then, only do it in jest.
3. Don't overuse the smilies. Simple enough.
4. Do not god-mod. It's covered in Wars and You (Puppets Too) but it bears repeating. We will declare losses for you if you do that.

User Profiles
1. No inflammatory avatars. Simple enough. Use common sense. If you're not sure, use a miniature version of your flag.
2. No huge avatars. It should not be any larger than 120x120 pixels.
3. No huge signatures. It's annoying and takes up space. It should be no longer than 600 characters or eight lines.
4. No inflammatory signatures. Again, use common sense.
5. No puppets. One account for one user. We used to do that allow puppets in the old forum. That was used once to rig an in-forum election, though that's not the reason for this rule. It's just a pain. Obviously, it does not refer to the game itself.

World Assembly Rules
1. When a new proposal is up for vote in the GA and/or SC, the delegate will solicit votes from those who have endorsed the delegate. This is usually done on the RMB. If someone votes who has not endorsed the delegate, the vote cannot be counted.
2. The votes to be counted are "For," "Against," and "Abstain." "Abstain" is a vote to not vote on the measure and will be treated as such. Once there is a majority, the vote will be placed "For," "Against," or "Abstain."
3. Elections for delegate are held every six months. Elections are held in the third weekend of June and third weekend of December. Debates are held in the week before the election. Interested nations have until the end of the second weekend of the election month to declare their candidacy.
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Forum Rules
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