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 Expansion Into the North

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PostSubject: Expansion Into the North   Sun Apr 03, 2011 9:11 am

The United Municipalities of North America have recently made huge land gains in Canada, having negotiated a huge number of city states in Ontario and Quebec into the United Municipalities. Because of the already present trade links between the UMNA and city-states like Ronto and Montreal, most of the Canadian cities were willing to join the United Municipalities, and some more apprehensive cities were negotiated in after some concessions. French will become by law the secondary language of the UMNA and the autonomy of all municipalities will be reassured by amendment to the constitution, as it was only generally assumed before. Charles Baxter of BaxterCo expects to profit greatly from the coming flow of business and feels that the expansion will ease travel to the new stargate.

~Port Ledo Weekly Explorer

(OOC: Basically connect the farthest western edge of the UM in America to the farthest western edge in Canada.)
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Expansion Into the North
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