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 Fallout screenshots

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PostSubject: Fallout screenshots   Wed Jan 19, 2011 9:18 am


The guy with white hair wearing Centurion armor is Slade Wilson. The other guy in Centurion armor, and later Praetorian armor, with the red lightsaber is Jason Todd. He's also shown wearing Enclave Alpha Power Armor, available only by mods. The guy with the blue lightsaber and the AK47 is Luke Skywalker.

P.S. Poor Enclave soldiers. I wonder what the look on the guy's face is as Boone is about to lack him apart with a lightsaber.
P.P.S. Oh, and I changed the lightsabers with the GECK. Removed the disintegration effect when they score critical hits, doubled the base and critical damage, and made them holdout weapons.
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Fallout screenshots
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